Cabasse Akoya compact co-axial wireless speaker


THE PEARL AKOYA, a compact co-axial wireless speaker












Direct descendant of the high-resolution streaming speaker THE PEARL, THE PEARL AKOYA is a jewel in terms of slick design and disruptive technology.

This speaker is suitable for spaces between 20 – 35 m2

THE PEARL AKOYA minimalistic design is unrivaled thanks to its tri-coaxial driver and bass loudspeaker. THE PEARL AKOYA was created and developed in our factory located in Brittany, France. THE PEARL AKOYA offers exceptional acoustic quality and power which is comparable to having your own classical orchestra at home.

THE PEARL AKOYA is a versatile system that can offer voice control, multiroom and multisource capabilities.

THE PEARL AKOYA integrates perfectly with the StreamControl Cabasse multiroom system, and allows you to play the same music in several rooms simultaneously, or different music on your Cabasse WiFi speakers.

Stream your music in any room on any device simultaneously:

– Bluetooth® 

– HD streaming technology at 80 microseconds.  

– Playback all your audio files 

– High resolution files 

– Internet radio