Zensati Razzmatazz Speaker set


Mark Johansen

Mark Johansen’s strong determination to create ultra High End audio products, was a patient, protracted development process, which has resulted in cables with unimpeded signal transmission and the utmost respect for the written and unwritten rules of the world of music.

“One of the most exclusive and highest quality brands in the world.”

– HiFi Live magazine

ZenSati Razzmatazz series: A new entry-level model with a sound reproduction that we are used to hearing from Zensati with an exceptionally fast and quiet cable that reproduces music with amazing realism and a resolution that allows the instruments to shimmer with long, natural reverberation.

All of our cables are handcrafted by our professionally trained technicians in Denmark in an assembly process that requires great accuracy and consistency that is constantly being improved.

In addition, we utilize direct crimping techniques that ensure closed connection points, while eliminating potential distortion. 

ZenSati Razzmatazz will complement and enhance the performance of even the finest audiophile systems.

ZenSati cables are with long and great knowledge and extensive research that ensures the most truthful and intense music experience all the way down to the subtlest micro detail in their cables.

Handcrafted in Denmark for full control at all stages.

The first thing that strikes one when listening to ZenSati cables is an open and detailed sound image with very good control in all registers and with extremely good blackness. If it is complex music, the Zensati cables handle it incredibly well without getting messy, there is a very good separation in the music as it is meant to be heard.

Whether you’re looking for cables for home theater, stereo sound, live performance or recording, ZenSati offers the ultimate solution. Our cable construction ensures the best signal transmission, for outstanding performance and fast sound reproduction.

Length Available :-

0.5m , 0.75m , 1m,1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m