Shure SLX24/BETA87A System with SLX2/BETA87A Handheld Transmitter


Shure SLX24/BETA87A Handheld Wireless System with BETA87A Handheld Microphone

The Shure SLX24/Beta87A combines an SLX2/Beta87A handheld microphone/transmitter with the Shure SLX4 diversity receiver. Great for installed sound applications and working bands, this Shure SLX wireless system offers up Shure’s patented Audio Reference Companding technology along with a setup complete with automatic synchronization and support for up to 20 compatible systems (area dependent). The Shure SLX2/Beta87A, included with the SLX24/Beta87A, is a supercardioid electret condenser microphone, providing exceptional isolation from other onstage sounds. At Music Bliss, we enjoy the easy setup provided by automatic frequency scanning and transmitter setup with the SLX24/Beta87A.


SLX2/Beta87A Handheld Microphone/Transmitter Features:
  • Supercardioid electret condenser
  • 50Hz-20kHz
  • Smooth frequency response with gradual presence rise
  • Highly consistent supercardioid polar pattern provides superior gain-before-feedback
  • Electronic low-frequency roll-off compensates for proximity effect
  • Wide dynamic range (117dB) and low distortion characteristics
  • Very low susceptibility to RFI and electromagnetic hum
  • Advanced cartridge shockmount system absorbs mechanical shocks and reduces handling noise
  • Built-in pop filter reduces undesirable wind and breath sounds
  • Automatic transmitter setup
  • Backlit LCD with timeout feature
SLX4 Receiver Features:
  • Automatic frequency selection
  • Automatic transmitter setup
  • 960 selectable frequencies across 24MHz bandwidth
  • Detachable 1/4-wave antennas
  • Microprocessor-controlled diversity
  • RF presence LED
  • 5-segment audio meter
  • Multifunction, backlit LCD
  • Low battery indicator
  • Frequency and power lockout
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • Volume control on rear of unit
  • Half-rack design
  • Furnished rack hardware
  • Non-slip bumpers for use out of rack
  • XLR and 1/4″ outputs